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Artwork title: Alumuna
Medium: watercolour | aquarelle
All rights reserved © 2013


Artist: lightning_opal
Medium: watercolour | aquarelle

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Artist's Statement

Aboriginal rights have received much attention recently. Indigenous peoples have had difficulty preserving their traditions. Disputes have not only been the subject of much political news, they have also been portrayed in many films. One in particular, Pocahontas, was a key inspiration for me. The name comes from the aboriginal word for “our home.” My piece combines traditional Aboriginal beliefs with a non-Aboriginal female subject. The look of curiosity on her face can be interpreted as fascination for the beautiful new world that she has been exposed to. As she becomes connected with her experience, she glances back and wonders . . . why?

Les droits des Autochtones ont attiré l’attention récemment. Les Premières nations ont du mal à préserver leurs traditions. Les différends n’ont pas uniquement occupé la scène politique, ils ont souvent été portés à l’écran. Un film en particulier, Pocahontas, a été ma source d’inspiration. Ce nom vient du mot indigène qui signifie « notre maison ». Mon œuvre associe des croyances autochtones traditionnelles et un sujet féminin non autochtone. La curiosité sur son visage peut être interprétée comme une fascination pour le monde merveilleux qu’elle a découvert. Alors qu’elle réfléchit à cette expérience, elle regarde derrière et se demande... « Pourquoi ? »


  1. You have to be a resident of Canada and be 16 to 19 years old as of June 18, 2013 to be eligible.
  2. You can only submit one 2-dimensional artwork in any medium (photography, drawing, painting, etc). It can’t be any bigger than 18 x 24 inches (45.27 cm X 60.97 cm) so that it will fit in our display if it makes it into the top 12. Note that a photograph that documents an oversized artwork you made in another medium will not be accepted as a valid entry.
  3. Your artwork has to be an original. If your artwork includes images from popular culture, like the image of a famous person, an album cover, or a company logo, you have to prove that you have permission to include it in your artwork; otherwise your submission will be disqualified.

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First Prize

A paid and personalized visit to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa to learn about careers in visual arts and have their portfolio reviewed by an expert; and a $500 gift certificate for art supplies (total maximum value $3500).

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A $1000 gift certificate for art supplies.

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A $500 gift certificate for art supplies.


Will have their works showcased in the National Gallery of Canada.


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