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White Elephant
White Elephant



Artwork title: White Elephant
Medium: Mixed
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White Elephant

Artist: kathrine_groulx
Medium: Mixed

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Artist's Statement

"A white elephant is an idiom for a valuable but burdensome possession of which its owner cannot dispose." My initial thought for this contest was to create something that was meaningful and relevant in today's society. So many things are going around in the world that I care about, that it is difficult to just choose one. It got me thinking about some problems that are known but are not being addressed to solve. Such as poverty, and starving countries. It is known, but at the same time, we don't do much to fix it. It got me thinking of the saying "elephant in the room". It's there, but it's not being addressed. I decided to use newspaper as my medium, since its a major way society publishes issues around the world. The elephant symbolizes strength and power; qualities that we all posses to make a difference in the world.


  1. You have to be a resident of Canada and be 16 to 19 years old as of June 18, 2013 to be eligible.
  2. You can only submit one 2-dimensional artwork in any medium (photography, drawing, painting, etc). It can’t be any bigger than 18 x 24 inches (45.27 cm X 60.97 cm) so that it will fit in our display if it makes it into the top 12. Note that a photograph that documents an oversized artwork you made in another medium will not be accepted as a valid entry.
  3. Your artwork has to be an original. If your artwork includes images from popular culture, like the image of a famous person, an album cover, or a company logo, you have to prove that you have permission to include it in your artwork; otherwise your submission will be disqualified.

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First Prize

A paid and personalized visit to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa to learn about careers in visual arts and have their portfolio reviewed by an expert; and a $500 gift certificate for art supplies (total maximum value $3500).

Second Prize

A $1000 gift certificate for art supplies.

Third Prize

A $500 gift certificate for art supplies.


Will have their works showcased in the National Gallery of Canada.


The Gallery thanks its sponsor

Gift certificates for art supplies for the top three winners will generously be offered by the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Arts.